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Aurole's favoured music: "Just Be Yourself"

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Aclea Atelier by Aurole. Just be yourself!

Aclea Atelier by Aurole Portrait
Aclea Atelier by Aurole Portrait

Designer Aurole was born into a family of artists. She is from Congo (Brazzaville), grew up in France and lived in several countries in Europe.
Aurole, the creator of the Aclea Atelier brand, creates handcrafted objects of the highest quality, made from high quality materials.
She tells stories in her creations and textile images.
Aurole created the brand Aclea Atelier to express all her creativity, and to promote the cultures of the world.

Aurole created the brand Aclea Atelier to express all her creativity, and to promote the cultures of the world.

Aclea Atelier was born from Aurole's roots and various travels. This inspired her to create a unique and innovative style that moves between design and craftsmanship.
Aclea Atelier is made for people who want to feel different, people who want to have a unique style.
The world of Aurole is colourful; you can see it in their creations.

Aclea Atelier stands for a world of togetherness and sharing.
In her love for fabrics, she lets you travel in her creations where she uses different materials from all horizons.
Her creations are practical and have an original style.
Aurole's mission as a designer is to offer timeless and creative fashion and home collections, with simple, elegant and artistic style.

Aclea Atelier is passion for fashion, art and ecology.

Creating beautiful creations with fabrics

Creating different fabrics into unique designs

To travel with different fabrics

Uniting different cultures

Showing the richness of Africa

Making women, men, children feel different

Bringing colour to the world

Sharing knowledge

Making a positive impact on people's lives

Aurole wants to give all its clients the freedom to be themselves.

Aurole's roots and vision

Aclea Atelier by Aurole takes responsibility for nature and society with its fashion and art.

Aclea Atelier by Aurole: handmade

Aurole, founder and creator of Aclea Atelier, explains that she makes everything by hand. Individual fashion and art are created in close collaboration with the customers.

Fashion, design and home fashion with responsibility

Let's talk!

The easiest way to talk to each other is a video call via, Zoom, Skype, or another platform.

Together we create YOUR product.

We can design your completely new favourite piece together via video chat.

Responsibility for resources

Aclea Atelier stands for "consume less, consume better".

Handmade in Germany

All creations are exclusively handmade in Germany - with materials from all over the world.

Simply learn how to create

Don't throw anything away so quickly. Give your objects a second life.
Aurole accompanies you in the realisation of your project with "Workshops à la carte", open to all.

Your wishes take centre stage.

Aclea Atelier offers you tailor-made creations, individually adapted to your wishes.

Living together & sharing

Aclea Atelier stands for a world of living together and sharing.

Sewing guarantee

We repair your Aclea Atelier products.

Added value through "2 in 1"

Aclea Atelier stands for multifunctional trendy accessories, economical and at the same time resource-saving due to their double use.


I ordered a comfortable sleeveless evening gown from Aclea Atelier, with the option of wearing it in a short over-the-knee version. the option of wearing it in a short version above the knee.  I wanted a dress that was I wanted a dress that could be worn with pumps, or even with snikers for the short version.
As a blazer and scarf, I chose a matching poncho and scarf 
The designer first let me try on models from her collection, and then we chose the model and fabrics for together the pattern and fabrics for the dress, poncho and scarf.
After cutting and assembling, several fittings were necessary to adjust everything. The The designer also advised me on the choice of hairstyle, jewellery and shoes. In the end, my complete evening wear was original, elegant, comfortable, practical and excellent value for money! Thank you for everything!
I also ordered a Tote Bag from Aclea Atelier because I wanted an original bag light so I could fold it up and put it in my handbag, solid to carry my purchases, practical with to carry my purchases, practical with inside pockets. I also wanted it to match my favourite to match my favourite clothes so that I could wear it as an accessory. The bag that Aclea Atelier made especially for me meets all my needs. The quality is excellent, the lining is made of a very light and strong fabric, the outer fabric is elegant and sturdy, all the seams and all the seams and finishing touches are impeccable. I am very satisfied with my bag, it goes with me everywhere! everywhere! Thank you for everything!

— Brigitte

Aurole is a very talented designer who magnifies the female body. Thanks to this designer, I was able to wear the dress of my dreams for my wedding in white basin embroidered with embroidered with pretty grey patterns on which some alterations were necessary. Aurole also created a dark grey jacket Aurole also created a dark grey jacket to match my wedding dress, which was sober, modern and original. A unique creation for a unique day! I also like her very original tunics, her very practical bags of African inspiration... I really recommend to all those who love beautiful things to to be guided by Aurole's creative gift!

— Sandrine

Very good quality materials used. Congratulations on the inspiration, because I am won over by the original and especially the fact that each piece is unique. 

— Rosemonde

I found my grey sofa with its grey and red cushions dull and boring. I wanted something more dynamic and individual. I immediately thought of Aurole, whose creativity and I love her creativity and the elegance of her art. I knew she would understand me. I sent her the I sent her the photos of the sofa by WhatsApp/email and then the cushion covers by post for her to customise them. She WhatsApp/mailed me the photos of the fabrics she was offering. I chose

I chose the ones I liked the most. And Aurole's magic worked. The touch of personalisation on the cushions was cushions was discreet and elegant. Within a week, I had like a new sofa.

No one will have the same as mine! Thank you Aurole!

— Amélie

I love the ease with which I carry my fleece bag, my multi-purpose essential, with its cleverly placed zipped inner pockets of different sizes, as if it were my only discretion; I appreciate the security and elegant flexibility of my large capacity travel bag. And when it's time to go, I feel like a woman, free of all constraints, in my steamy African boubou with its impeccable finishing; its matching large scarf that allows me to vary my hairstyles endlessly is a delight.

Yes, in my Acléa products, I find quality, comfort, beauty, variety, so many extras to enhance my daily life. Thank you to the artists!

— Armande
from Orléans.

Aurole I received your bag and I am delighted because I liked it very much and above all its finish is perfect. I would recommend it to everyone as it is a job well done ok, thank you very much.

— Paquita

Ich habe bei Aclea Atelier ein langes, ärmelloses Abendkleid bestellt, das bequem ist und das man auch in einer kurzen Version über dem Knie tragen kann.
Ich wollte ein elegantes Kleid, das mit Pumps getragen werden kann, oder sogar für die kurze Version, mit Snikers. Als Blazer und Schal wählte ich einen passenden Poncho und ein Halstuch. Die Designerin ließ mich zunächst Modelle aus ihrer Kollektion anprobieren, dann wählten wir gemeinsam das Modell und die Stoffe für das Kleid, den Poncho und den Schal aus. Nach dem Zuschnitt und dem Zusammenbau waren mehrere Anproben notwendig, um alles anzupassen. Der Designer hat mich auch bei der Wahl der Frisur, des Schmucks und der Schuhe beraten. Am Ende war meine komplette Abendgarderobe originell, elegant, bequem, praktisch und mit einem ausgezeichneten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis! Vielen Dank für alles!

— Brigitte

Aurole made me a beautiful wax blouse from a distance, guiding me to take my measurements and taking into account my tastes.

— Jolhairskin by Olga Tsoukoula

Hi, I'm Vicente from Catalonia. I have received products from the ACLEA shop. I think they are great value for money and I recommend you to buy them.

— Vicente

I am Isabelle, I live in Spain in Catalonia.

I have received several articles from Aclea, I like the professionalism, the finishing of the articles, the quality, and the respect for the time.

Your collisimo arrives in front of the door 

— Isabelle

Aclea Atelier is like a cavern of ali baba: wherever you look, you will discover unique, original and stylish pieces. It's hard to make a choice between the different materials and models that are presented because everything is so tempting.

I have the chance to know the designer personally. I know the heart and passion she puts into each of her creations so that each piece is special, each piece of fabric is used in the most harmonious way possible, but above all so that each customer is highlighted!

The attention to detail, the respect for the materials, the quality and precision of the gestures, everything can be felt when you put your hand or your eyes on an Aclea Atelier piece.

— Claudine

Aclea Atelier creations are unique.

The way, she mixes african fabrics with other materials and colours to create clothing, accessories and homeware makes them sophisticated, elegant but fun at the same time. All her creations are unlike any other clothing and items found anywhere else in the world, it is one of a kind, she does not make two the same. Therefore, you really know that you are the only one with the design and that you will not find another anywhere.

— Janeth

I would like to say that I think the goods at Alea Atelier are great.

The quality is high. Whether clothing or accessories, bag and decoration for living room very beautiful. I am satisfied.

Kind regards

— Laure

I like Aclea Atelier's products for the following reasons: their originality means that I know that no one else will have the same outfit or accessory as me, the professionalism with which Aurole works.

The quality of the fabrics used, the mix of cultures and the history behind her raw materials set her creations apart from others. She is passionate but above all gifted in what she does and it shows down to the smallest finishing detail! These outfits are beautiful and stand out from the competition.

— Ghislaine

Enquiries for larger quantities

If you are a business customer and would like to have larger quantities manufactured, please contact Aurole.

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